Whimsical Radar

Whimsical Radar
Whimscial Radar on Dolphin.jpg
Part Number 4
Location Forest of Hope
Weight 20
Max. Carriers 40
Required Part? Yes
Whimsical Radar.jpg

This part is usually the third one recovered and is one of the most useful ship parts in the game. It allows you to view a map of the area when you open your Monitor menu with Y. Not only that, but it will also show uncollected Ship Parts as large white stars so you know where to go next. In Pikmin 2, The Ship already has this ability from the start of the game. The part is found on a ledge in the back woods of The Forest of Hope, guarded by a bunch of Dwarf Red Bulborbs and also a couple Red Bulborbs. The area in which it sits cannot be accessed until you use Yellow Pikmin to break down a Stone Wall with Bomb-rocks.

[edit] Notes

[edit] When Found

"It’s my Whimsical Radar!

With this, I’ll be able to see all nearby ship parts in a single glance-I just press Y to check it. This find fills me with great hope."

[edit] When Obtained

"This important part can detect the locations of the other missing parts. The radar will be added to my monitor, which I can press Y to view. C zooms in and out. This will surely help me in my search for the remaining parts!"

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