Water Dumple

Water Dumple
Water Dumple.jpg
Species Number 11
Scientific Name Ichthyosa felinis
Family Grub-dog
Seeds Given 5
Treasure Value 3 Pokos
Min. Carriers 5
Max. Carriers 10
Above-ground Areas The Distant Spring, Valley of Repose, Perplexing Pool
Underground Areas (Caves) Frontier Cavern, Citadel of Spiders, Shower Room, Cavern of Chaos, Hole of Heroes, Dream Den

The Water Dumple is a common water enemy from both Pikmin and Pikmin 2. Although it may not appear so, it is actually a member of the Grub-dog family. It is only found in the water, but can survive on the land for short periods of time. It can also sense prey from a bit farther away than the Bulborbs, but its appetite and large jaws are just the same. They are slightly slower in Pikmin 2.

[edit] Olimar's Notes

"A resident of freshwater pools and marshes, this aquatic creature regularly feeds on insects that land on the surface of the water. It shares a nearly identical skeletal structure with its close relative and terrestrial cousin, the bulborb. This may offer clues to its evolutionary origin and suggests that it only recently migrated to an aquatic habitat."

[edit] Louie's Notes

"Deep-fry dumples without batter for all the flavor with half the fat!"

[edit] Reel Notes

"This aquatic creature is a close relative of the bulborb."

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