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The President (社長), as you might expect, is the president of Hocotate Freight. He is the one who sends Olimar and Louie to the Pikmin Planet

to find treasure that the company can sell to pay off it's enormous debt of 10,000 Pokos.  Once you have repaid the debt and returned to Hocotate, he realizes that they could become rich if they harvested the rest of the treasure, and so he orders them back to the Pikmin planet.  He notices that Louie is missing though, which is when he decides that he will go in Louie's place.  He then becomes your partner for the rest of the game, and is able to be controlled just like Louie.

[edit] Trivia

  • When Switched to in-game, he yells 'Shachō!', which is 'The President' In Japanese.
  • Before the Debt is cleared, the president is the main one who mails you.
  • Revealed by his mail, the president lived in a shack in his youth.
  • The last mail the president sends (Repeatedly) when you have almost the entire debt cleared states that he is going to be killed, yet the mail constantly repeats to as long as it takes you, making it possible to be on day 999 and the president still not killed!

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