Sweet Dreamer

Sweet Dreamer
Treasure Number 40
Series Sweet Tooth Series
Location Glutton's Kitchen (Sublevel 6)
Treasure Value 40 Pokos
Weight 10
Max. Carriers 20 Pikmin

The Sweet Dreamer is a large donut (or doughnut) that is glazed with pink frosting. It is found on the 6th and final sublevel of the Glutton's Kitchen cave, along with the Meat of Champions and the Hideous Victual. They must be retrieved quickly to prevent the numerous Breadbugs on the floor from stealing it. If a breadbug succeeds in dragging one of the treasures to its den, then the only way to retrieve it is to either restart the sublevel (by resetting your console) or kill the offending breadbug.

[edit] Notes

[edit] Olimar's Journal

"I've toiled long and hard to collect all of these tasty treats. Surely it won't matter if I bring one back for my daughter as a souvenir. She loves snacks!"

[edit] Sales Pitch

"A comfy, not-too-sugary bed. Youngsters who sleep here will have the sweetest of dreams."

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