Seed of Greed

Seed of Greed
Seed of Greed.jpg
Treasure Number 4
Series Succulent Series
Location Wistful Wild
Treasure Value 100
Weight 10
Max. Carriers 15

The real-life object this treasure is based on is a chestnut. You can find this treasure in the Wistful Wild, inside one of the two Orange Bulborbs near the Dream Den in the southwest corner of the area. To acquire it, you need to kill all of the other creatures in your way first, and build the Bridge found along the path.

[edit] Notes

[edit] Olimar's Journal

"The Wistful Wild is an especially vicious region. The creatures there have had to battle hard to survive in this unforgiving landscape. That's probably why they've evolved such an ill temper. For instance, this plant's berries suck the nutrition from the surrounding flora!"

[edit] Sales Pitch

"This item's docile efficiency evokes images of wealth and greed. Behold: Life's essence!"

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