Purple Pikmin


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Purple Pikmin are fictional creatures from the Pikmin Universe

[edit] History

Purple Pikmin are the newest type of Pikmin in the series so far. Making their first appearence in Pikmin 2 and are one of the 2 types of Pikmin that can only be reproduced by Candypop Buds which makes them a bit harder to get than the other Pikmin.

[edit] Abilities

Purple Pikmin have no resistance to any element in the games. But they have some useful abilities that have mostly to do with attacking. Purple Pikmin are the strongest Pikmin in the whole game ,but they are as well the slowest Pikmin in the game even with flowers. Also when thrown they don;t go that high or far but they come down with a huge thud that it can stun enemies in the game due to their heavy weight. Also they are 10 times the amount of weight regular Pikmin can carry.

[edit] Appearences

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