Puffstool New.jpg
Species Number N/A
Scientific Name Aspergilla podronis
Family Sporovid
Treasure Value N/A
Common Location(s) The Forest Navel

The Puffstool is a Boss from Pikmin, found in The Forest Navel. It appears to be a large walking mushroom. It attacks by raising it's cap up into the air and releasing thousands of toxic spores, which will transform any nearby Pikmin into Mushroom Pikmin. The mushroom Pikmin will follow the puffstool around and attack Olimar or other normal Pikmin if they get near. The best way to defeat this troublesome fungus is to attack like normal, but then call back your Pikmin right before it releases its spores. Any mushroom Pikmin will revert back to normal upon the puffstool's defeat, if they haven't already. The puffstool is worth 30 Pikmin seeds when given to an onion. It also will release the Omega Stabilizer ship part. The only other place where the puffstool can be found is at The Distant Spring in Challenge Mode.

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