Planet of the Pikmin

The Planet of the Pikmin is the home planet of the Pikmin in the Pikmin series. Olimar crashes on this planet in the beginning of the first Pikmin, and returns there at the start of Pikmin 2. The planet is barbarous and wild; it is overgrown with plants and ravaged by all sorts of dangerous creatures. Not only that, but the planet has high concentrations of oxygen in its atmosphere, a gas that is poisonous to Hocotatians.

In the first Pikmin, there are many clues to support that the Planet of the Pikmin is indeed Earth, such as the remains of boots and cans, and the similarity of some creatures to Earth's, but no proof. In Pikmin 2 though, it becomes blazingly obvious, due to the fact that many of the treasures resemble real-life brand name products. Two of the objects, the Spherical Atlas and the Geographic Projection, is actually form a globe map of Earth when put together.

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