Pikmin Seed

A Pikmin Seed is obviously the seed of a Pikmin. These are ejected by an Onion whenever existing Pikmin bring it nutrients in the form of Pellets or enemies. Generally, the bigger or better the food item, the more seeds that will be ejected. These seeds can be plucked almost immediately after being ejected, but they will only be the slow-moving leaf Pikmin. If you leave a Pikmin seed in the ground for about 1/4 of a day, it will absorb enough nutrients to become a bud Pikmin, which are faster. If you leave a Pikmin seed in the ground for 1/2 a day, it will become a very speedy flower Pikmin. In Pikmin 2, flower Pikmin that go unplucked for a while revert back to leaf Pikmin, so be careful! Note that Pikmin will not become bud or flower Pikmin after being plucked unless they drink some nutritious Nectar.

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