Onion Replica

Onion Replica
Treasure Number 16
Series Nature's Candy Series
Location Perplexing Pool
Treasure Value 30
Weight 20
Max. Carriers 30

The Onion Replica is an onion found in the Perplexing Pool in Pikmin 2. Located behind the landing site, it will need to be dug up by the White Pikmin after throwing them over the edge on the secret path behind the ship. This will include a complicated process as a nearby black gate will need to be destroyed so a captain and Blue Pikmin can get to the other side. Once there, the White Pikmin can dig up the treasure but will need to be dismissed so that the Blue Pikmin can finish digging it up and returning it to the ship.

[edit] Notes

[edit] Olimar's Journal

"This looks just like one of Hocotate's famous sweet onions! Come to think of it, I gave the Onion its name because it looked just like a Hocotate onion. To avoid confusion, I'll call this vegetable an Onion Replica."

[edit] Sales Pitch

"This plant closely resembles the pride and joy of Hocotate. The comfort of its familiar form and the surprise of its unexpected taste mingle to form... veggie harmony? Try it in some hot soup today!"

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