#1 Ionium Jet

  1. 1 Ionium Jet
Number 1 Ionium Jet on Dolphin.JPG
Part Number 13
Location The Forest Navel
Weight 15
Max. Carriers 25
Required Part? Yes
Number One Ionium Jet location.png

The #1 Ionium Jet is the first of two ionium jets which help to propel the Dolphin through space when an extra burst of speed is needed. It can be found in one of the terraced pools just south of the Landing Site in The Forest Navel.

[edit] Notes

Ionium Jet.jpg

[edit] When Found

"I've found my #1 Ionium Jet!

Unfortunately, this puts out a slightly odoriferous exhaust, but it does propel me to escape velocity in an instant. The stench is a small price to pay for such performance!"

[edit] When Obtained

"If this is damaged, I'll be in dire straits. I will have to run a system check as soon as I can."

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