Memorable Gyro Block

Memorable Gyro Block
Treasure Number 153 (NTSC) / 151 (PAL)
Series Blast from the Past Series
Location Hole of Heroes (Sublevel 13)
Treasure Value 80
Weight 5
Max. Carriers 10

The Memorable Gyro Block is found on the thirteenth sublevel of the Hole of Heroes cave in Pikmin 2. It is obtained after defeating the Man-at-Legs sub-boss on this level. It is a yellow R.O.B. Gyro Block.

[edit] Notes

[edit] Olimar's Journal

"The other day, I accidently threw away my son's favorite toy. He wouldn't stop crying! Some things that seem unimportant to adults are treasures to kids. When I was a boy, I'm sure I felt the same way about my favorite things. Now, my family is my treasure."

[edit] Sales Pitch

"No matter how old you grow, you will ever remember the treasures of childhood. Take this gift..."

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