Margaret Concept.jpg
Piklopedia Number 67
Scientific Name Luminosus croeaus
Family Chrysanthemum Family
Seeds Given N/A
Treasure Value N/A
Weight N/A
Max. Carriers N/A
Areas Awakening Wood
Caves Frontier Cavern, Snagret Hole, Cavern of Chaos, Hole of Heroes

A Margaret is one of the two members of the Chrysanthemum Family, along with the Creeping Chrysanthemum. Although these flowers will not affect any gameplay, it will sometimes reveal hidden creatures such as Honeywisps or Unmarked Spectralids.

They have a close relationship with the Creeping Chrysanthemums, as they hare actually attacking enemies whilst the Margaret is not. Although the two species look the same, the creeping chrysanthemum has a pair of eyes on two of the flowers.

[edit] Notes

[edit] Olimar's Notes

"This plant's delicate yellow flowers often inspire waves of nostalgia, giving a bittersweet feeling to any who gaze upon them."

[edit] Louie's Notes

"Can be eaten fresh out of the soil, but it's much more flavorful when incorporated into a heavenly veggie lasagna."

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