Piklopedia Number 76
Scientific Name Pseudoarachnia navaronia
Family Arachorb Family
Seeds Given N/A
Treasure Value N/A
Weight N/A
Max. Carriers N/A
Areas None
Caves Subterranean Complex, Hole of Heroes

The Man-at-Legs is a violent boss in Pikmin 2 and resides in the last (ninth) sublevel of the Subterranean Complex, sublevel 13 of the Hole of Heroes, and then again in the second sublevel of the Secret Testing Range in Challenge Mode. Unlike the other members of the Arachnorb Family, this bizarre half-beast, half-machine creature does not use its feet to attack, but instead, lasers and guns.

[edit] How to Defeat

As soon as you enter the final floor of the Subterranean Complex, you should see a smoking ball of metal in the middle of the stage. Before you approach it, find a high rusty barrier and hide all non-red Pikmin there. Next, go to the middle and throw a single Pikmin at the ball of metal to disturb the Man-at-legs and cause it to emerge from the ground. Start attacking its body by throwing Pikmin until it shakes them off, then run for the metal barrier and hide behind it. The shaking indicates when it will fire. Once the beast has finished, it will start to stomp around,but it can not harm any pikmin as it's feet are to small. Repeat the precess until it finally explodes and drops some treasure. Be very careful not to lead it to close to the barrier you will put your pikmin as it can fire over the barrier if it's close enough.

A similar method may be performed in the Hole of Heroes, however, the battlefield is covered in pools of water, so Blue Pikmin must be used instead of red ones.

If you wish, a more riskier tactic can be used to kill this beast. You can pound it with Purple Pikmin nonstop, until it dies, or the "far-away" tactic. To do this, take all Pikmin except the attackers behind the barrier, and battle like normal. When it gets its gun out, run not behind the barrier but to the back of the sublevel. Because the Pikmin behind the gate are closer, the man-at-legs will aim at them instead of you. However if you get to close he will switch aim and fire at you.

[edit] Notes

[edit] Olimar's Notes

"This species of the arachnorb family fuses with machinery at a crucial point in the maturation process, giving it the ability to fire energy bursts from the launcher beneath its spherical torso. However, the Man-at-Legs itself is not in control of this weapon. Instead, the mechanical portions of its structure appear to automatically acquire and attack targets. The Man-at-Legs has a gentle disposition, and as a member of the arachnorb family, it has no natural enemies. It is particularly difficult to understand why this species would develop such awesome offensive capabilities, leading to rumors in the scientific community that it was the machinery that approached the arachnorb and proposed the symbiotic relationship."

[edit] Louie's Notes

"Although the meat is a bit on the metallic side, the oil makes a mouthwatering gravy or lubricative vinaigrette."

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