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Louie is another employee of Hocotate Freight, who first appears in Pikmin 2. He is quiet and dull-witted, and is said to operate on the same wavelength as bugs. His parents tease him about how he used to play with them as a child. His appetite is also insatiable, and he will eat practically any food in sight.

His first mission for Hocotate Freight was to deliver a large supply of golden Pikpik Carrots, but as he explains, he was attacked by a "ravenous space bunny", who ate the entire shipment. To compensate his customer for the loss, The President takes out an enormous loan, but cannot repay it, therefore placing the company in massive debt. When Olimar arrives back on Hocotate at the beginning of Pikmin 2, the President sends both Olimar and Louie back to the Pikmin Planet to retrieve enough Treasure to repay the company's debt. [Watch Opening Cinematic]

Louie can be controlled just like Olimar. You can switch leaders by pressing the Y button. The only differences playing as Louie are the sound effects. His whistle, C-stick tune, and end-of-day tune are all different from Olimar's. He will also occasionally utter strange noises during gameplay.

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When you return to Hocotate after repaying all of your debt, Louie is accidentally forgotten on the Pikmin Planet. [Watch Cinematic] Some of his lonely adventures are even shown in the credits. [Watch Credits] Later in the game, he can be found on the final sublevel of the Dream Den in the Wistful Wild. He will be sleeping on top of the fearsome Titan Dweevil, the final boss of Pikmin 2. To rescue him, you must defeat the dweevil and instruct your Pikmin to carry him back to the ship's Research Pod. Because there is no more room in the cockpit, Louie must be held in the storage hull, and like the other treasures, he is given a name: the King of Bugs. He is the 201st and final treasure in the Treasure Hoard.

Spoiler: Louie's Dark Secret

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