Hocotate Ship

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The Hocotate Ship is the battered old ship that Hocotate Freight started out with. After Olimar's Dolphin is supposedly confiscated by Happy Hocotate Savings & Loan in order to pay back Hocotate Freight's huge debt, the Hocotate Ship is the only remaining ship for Olimar and Louie to use to travel to the Pikmin Planet. In the game, the ship is only referred to as "The Ship", however, in its Super Smash Bros. Brawl trophy, it is called the Hocotate Ship. Although it appears to be technologically inferior to the Dolphin, it actually has a complicated artificial intelligence system and various sensors that allow it to judge the value of the Treasures that are found. The Hocotate Ship can also speak, and gives much of the advice that Olimar gave in Pikmin. It also fashions usable tools from many of the collected treasures for the Explorer's Kit. It's nose cone, the Research Pod, can also detach from the rest of the ship and follow Olimar down into Caves. Both the main computer and storage hull fit inside of it.

Due to the lack of an Onion for the White or Purple Pikmin to stay in, they are stored inside of the ship's hull, and can be put away or called out by pressing A in the beam in front of the ship. In the first Pikmin, pressing A in the light in front of the Dolphin allowed Olimar to check on the amount of Ship Parts collected and repair damage to his Suit. This ability is no longer present in Pikmin 2, however, the amount of Pokos collected can be viewed in the Start menu.


A similar ship can also be seen as a cameo in Super Mario Galaxy. It appears in the "Tarantox's Tangled Web" episode of the Space Junk Galaxy.

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