Hocotate Freight

Hocotate Freight Poster.jpg

Hocotate Freight is a long-haul, deep-space shipping company based on the planet Hocotate. It is owned by The President, who employs both Olimar and Louie as delivery boys. During Olimar's adventures in the first Pikmin, Louie was attacked by a ravenous space bunny, who reportedly ate his whole shipment of golden Pikpik Carrots. The President took out a huge loan to pay back the lost money, but he couldn't pay it back, even after selling the Dolphin.

However, once Olimar and Louie were able to pay back the loan with the treasure they collected (and more), the company started thriving once again; they even painted their ship gold. While still on the Pikmin Planet, just before heading back to Hocotate to repay the debt, the ship insists that Hocotate Freight will be forever prosperous and debt-free... probably.

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