Help:Message Templates

← back to template listThis help page lists all message templates on the Pikmin neowiki.

[edit] Template:Stub


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  • Place {{Stub}} at the top of pages that need work.
  • This article has been categorized under Category:Stubs.

Template:Stub is a template that is used on articles that are short, and incomplete. It also places pages in the Category:Stubs. To place it on a page, use {{Stub}}.

[edit] Template:Cleanup


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  • Place {{Cleanup}} at the top of pages that have content, but need work to become quality articles.
  • This article has been categorized under Category:Pages Requiring Cleanup.

Template:Cleanup, like Template:Stub, is another template that is commonly used on pages. It is normally used for pages that are messy or don't follow the normal layout, and so needing work to become a quality article. This template places the article in Category:Pages Requiring Cleanup. To use it on a page, place {{Cleanup}} on the required page(s).

[edit] Template:Locked

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  • Only staff members can unprotect pages, and edit fully protected pages.
  • This page has been categorized under Category:Protected Pages
  • Unprotection may be requested in this/the talk page or by PMing a staff member.
Template:Locked is one of the templates that is not used too often. It is usually put in the talk pages of articles. Alongside this, it places the page into Category:Protected Pages. Usage: {{Locked|semi/full|reason}}.

[edit] Template:Deletion

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Template:Deletion is a template that places a banner at the top of a page and places it in the category Category:Pages requested for Deletion. To use it, place {{Deletion|reason}} on the articles requiring deletion. Although the reason is not mandatory, if it is not filled in staff members may question you on why you want the requested article deleted.