Hairy Bulborb

Hairy Bulborb
Hairy Bulborb.jpg
Piklopedia Number 2
Scientific Name Oculus Kageyamii Folliculus
Family Grub-dog Family
Seeds Given 10
Treasure Value 7 Pokos
Weight 10
Max. Carriers 20 Pikmin
Areas None
Caves Subterranean Complex, Frontier Cavern, Hole of Heroes, Dream Den
Challenge Mode'
Collector's Room, Cave of Pain, Emperor's Realm

This type of bulborb will lose its hair all at once if startled. Otherwise, it will spend its days sleeping, like most Bulborbs, and only attack once disturbed. They are defeated most easily by sneaking up behind them and rapidly throwing Pikmin onto their backs before they can respond fast enough to counterattack. This creature is imitated by the Snow Bulborb, but they are much smaller and have no hair.

[edit] Notes

[edit] Olimar's Notes

This subspecies of grub-dog has a thick coat of soft white fur that obscures its abdominal markings. The fur also warms its vital organs, making this species well adapted to colder climates. However, its hair follicles are surprisingly frail, which can result in immediate hair loss if the creature is surprised.

[edit] Louie's Notes

Remove all of the bulborb's hair, wrap the beast in foil along with a halved lemon, and place it directly on the grill. The foil should protect the carcass from scorching, and the lemon will give the meat an elegant hint of citrus.

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