Gyroid Bust

Gyroid Bust
Gyroid Bust.jpg
Treasure Number 54
Series Ancient Secrets Series
Location Bulblax Kingdom (Sublevel 7)
Treasure Value 250
Weight 10
Max. Carriers 15

The Gyroid Bust is a wooden treasure in Pikmin 2, similar to the gyroids from the Animal Crossing series. It is found on the 7th and final sublevel of the Bulblax Kingdom. To retrieve it, you must defeat the boss, Emperor Bulblax, and beat down the gate behind it. Inside are several fire geysers and some pools of water. These geysers do not have to be destroyed, because the Forged Courage you just collected has been turned into the Scorch Guard, which will allow you to walk through them unharmed. Toss 10 to 15 Pikmin onto the ledge to the right of the gyroid bust, then walk up the fiery path alone and reunite with your Pikmin at the top, where you can finally have them carry it back.

[edit] Notes

[edit] Olimar's Journal

"My son tells me that this type of figurine is all the rage with the kids. The strangest things amuse kids! When I was a kid, we were lucky if we were allowed to even talk about figurines! PS: When I found this figurine, it had been placed so that it was protected by a wall of flame. My research isn't complete, but I think it may have been a shrine of some kind."

[edit] Sales Pitch

"This looks exactly like the gyroids that have become so popular on planet Hocotate. Its pitiful expression is beloved by the Hocotate youth."

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