Species Number N/A
Scientific Name Binuclei Siphonophorus
Family Unknown
Treasure Value N/A
Common Location The Impact Site

Goolix is an enemy appearing in the first Pikmin game. This jelly-like creature seeks out nearby Pikmin and envelops them with its watery body, drowning them. The only Pikmin that can attack it are the Blue Pikmin, due to their ability to breath underwater. Goolix's weakness is its smaller, blue sphere. When it is attacked, it will retaliate by swinging the larger gold sphere, which will knock all your Pikmin off. When it is defeated, it will explode and its watery inside will spray all over and seep into the ground. It will drop four random colored "5" Pellets, and its large golden sphere, which is also worth quite a few Pikmin. It is only found at The Impact Site on odd numbered days starting with day 9, and also at The Forest Navel in Challenge Mode. A Mamuta will appear in the same place on even numbered days starting with day 8.

[edit] How To Kill

In Pikmin 1 it is always best to swarm the blue ball inside it's body with Blue Pikmin. The best number to use is about 30 if you want to get the job done fast. The Goolix will always return on an odd numbered day after 9 in Pikmin.

[edit] Notes

[edit] Credit Reel Notes

"A watery gelatinous membrane protects this creature's nervous system."

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