Glutton's Kitchen

Glutton's Kitchen
Glutton's Kitchen Map.png
Location Perplexing Pool
Number of Sublevels 6
Number of Treasures 14
Total Treasure Value 715 (NTSC) / 825 (PAL) Pokos
Hazards Electricity
Boss Giant Breadbug
Glutton's Kitchen 1.png

Glutton's Kitchen is the 3rd or 2nd cave in the Perplexing Pool region. To find it go to the Scales, and then turn left and go up to the Electric Fence either avoiding the Yellow Wollywog or killing it. Get Yellow Pikmin to knock down this fence, and then the cave can be entered.

[edit] Ship's Notes

"Interesting! My odor detectors are reacting... A strong scent wafts from that hole! I am a machine, so rating scents is beyond me, but your faces tell me all I need to know. You are both drooling... I wish, just once, I could feel what it is like to drool."



[edit] Sublevels

[edit] Sublevel 1

Sublevel 1 (Actual sublevel layout may differ slightly as it is randomized each time you enter the sublevel)

Terrain: Wood

Description: The first floor is very dark, and so without the Solar System you can't see far off objects. The main attraction here is the Dwarf Spotty Bulbears, but luckily no Spotty Bulbears yet. Use your Purple Pikmin to pound these beasts before searching for a box with another Dwarf Bulbear and the treasure, Master's Instrument (30 Pokos, 4 Weight), inside.


Total Treasure Value on Floor: 30 Pokos

[edit] Sublevel 2

Sublevel 2

Terrain: Wood

Description: Watch out for the Breadbugs that roam this level in search for food. They may look cute and friendly, but drag away treasures to their lairs. To kill a breadbug and regain any lost treasures kill it by either throwing Pikmin on (And see it do a Barrel Roll) or attach Pikmin onto something it is dragging, and it should hit its head (when it gets there) on the top of the Ship's pod, leaving it with little or no health. The treasures to collect are the Massive Lid (NTSC) (100 Pokos, 4 Weight) or Survival Container (PAL) (130 Pokos, 10 Weight) and an Imperative Cookie (25 Pokos, 5 Weight).


Total Treasure Value on Floor: 125 Pokos (NTSC) / 155 Pokos (PAL)

[edit] Sublevel 3

Sublevel 3

Terrain: Wood

Description: This level has Electric Nodes and Anode Beetles, meaning Yellow Pikmin are needed to proceed. Not only that, but a Puffy Blowhog makes its appearence next to one of the instruments. It is possible to climb onto the Xylophone using a wedge and beater next to it. Before you play on the obstacles, the Harmonic Synthesizer (120 Pokos, 10 Weight) and Director of Destiny (100 Pokos, 20 Weight) are needed to add to your treasure hoard. Watch out for the Breadbugs stealing them.


Total Treasure Value on Floor: 220 Pokos

[edit] Sublevel 4

Sublevel 4

Terrain: Wood

Description: Uh-oh, Spotty Bulbear! You'll want to move as soon as you get here to tackle this great beast and its Young. If possible, use an Ultra Bitter Spray and take them all out at once, because a spotty bulbear will regenerate. Otherwise, just wrestle the Breadbugs for the treasures and continue down. The treasures to collect are the Happiness Emblem (NTSC) (100 Pokos, 4 Weight)/ Drone Supplies (PAL) (130 Pokos, 15 Weight), Invigorator (130 Pokos, 20 Weight) and White Goodness (60 Pokos, 8 Weight).


Total Treasure Value on Floor: 290 Pokos (NTSC) / 320 Pokos

[edit] Sublevel 5

Sublevel 5

Terrain: Carpet

Description: First, find a safe place to hide Pikmin that you don't want to be crushed. Why? Well, in some of the mounds of earth there are Armored Cannon Beetle Larvae that un-bury themselves. Alongside this are Dwarf Spotty Bulbears. Without the Stellar Orb, the level may be quite dark, so watch your step as you tackle beasts. If possible, use the boulders shot from the cannon Beatles to kill Dwarf Bulbears, and possibly, each other. A Queen Candypop Bud and a Violet Candypop Bud are also found to aid the captains, they should fall from above in one of the alcoves. After you've made the path safe, collect the Sulking Antenna (150 Pokos, 35 Weight) and the Boom Cone (NTSC) (100 Pokos, 10 Weight) / Magical Stage (PAL) (150 Pokos, 30 Weight).


Total Treasure Value on Floor: 250 Pokos (NTSC) / 300 Pokos (PAL)

[edit] Sublevel 6

Sublevel 6

Terrain: Wood

Description: The boss of the dungeon isn't much of a "boss". The Giant Breadbug with two Breadbugs are your boss, and are easy to take out. Four treasures are on the level, one inside the giant breadbug and the rest out in the open. They are the Hideous Victual (100 Pokos, 10 Weight), the Meat of Champions (35 Pokos, 10 Weight), the Sweet Dreamer (40 Pokos, 10 Weight) and finally the Dream Material (100 Pokos, 10 Weight), which makes you immune to electricity. Electric Nodes and Anode Beetles are on the level, and the three Eggs may have Mitites in.


Total Treasure Value on Floor: 275 Pokos

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