Geographic Projection

Geographic Projection
Geographic Projection.jpg
Treasure Number 185
Series Explorer's Friend Series
Location Awakening Wood
Treasure Value 200
Weight 101
Max. Carriers 100

The Geographic Atlas is actually the bottom half of a globe. This suggests that the planet that the Pikmin Inhabit truly is Earth. This treasure is found in the Awakening Wood and requires that you have some Purple Pikmin, because it's weight is 101, and therefore, 100 Pikmin cannot lift it, and there are 5 blue running around (if you have discovered them). It is partially buried underground, and is found close to the longest bridge that your Pikmin can build, after breaking through a poisoned gate by the Hole of Beasts. When you successfully return this treasure to your Research Pod, it will be added to your Exploration Kit as the Survey Chart, which allows Olimar and Louie to continue on to the Perplexing Pool.

[edit] Notes

[edit] Olimar's Journal

"The interior of this hemisphere contains a chip coded with charts detailing a new region. I explored this forest the last time I was here, but it's clear that it has undergone some dramatic changes. The plants and animals have also evolved significantly. I've given this forest a new name... The Awakening Wood. I must begin to form a hypothesis to explain why the forest changed so rapidly. "

[edit] Sales Pitch

"If you have both pieces, does the value increase? Do you want it? Need it? Crave it? You should. This is the ultimate storehouse of geographic data in the known universe."

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