Essential Furnishing

Essential Furnishing
Essential Furnishing.png
Treasure Number 85 (NTSC) / 84 (PAL)
Series Frigid Series
Location Frontier Cavern (Sublevel 1)
Treasure Value 100
Weight 5
Max. Carriers 10

The Essential Furnishing treasure is a Christmas tree bauble. Located on the first sublevel of the Frontier Cavern, it can be found by the White Pikmin, who will have to dig it up

[edit] Notes

[edit] Olimar's Journal

"This object sparkles beautifully. It's enormous, but I think it would make a great party decoration. That reminds me of the last time my family threw a party. I was busy at work, and I couldn't make it, so my wife and kids enjoyed the party without me. Hmmm... My family grows further and further away each day..."

[edit] Sales Pitch

"According to our marketing survey, this is the year's hip product! Focus tests don't lie! Interior furnishings that create a laid-back atmosphere are all the rage with Joe Hocotate!"

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