Combustion Berry

Combustion Berry
Combustion Berry.jpg
Treasure Number 3
Series Succulent Series
Location Snagret Hole (Sublevel 2)
Treasure Value 190
Weight 12
Max. Carriers 24

This treasure is actually a large strawberry. This treasure is nearly identical to the Sunseed Berry, though the Sunseed Berry is slightly smaller. Not only that, but it is also in the same region as the Sunseed Berry. The Combustion Berry is found in the 2nd sublevel of the Snagret Hole, in one of the alcoves. This sublevel is very widespread, so you have to make sure you clear a good path for your Pikmin so they aren't killed on their journey back with this massive treasure!

[edit] Notes

[edit] Olimar's Journal

"I've collected all kinds of edible objects, but the ship's sensors can't judge taste. To make up for the ships shortcomings, I'm making a special effort to try everything."

[edit] Sales Pitch

"Everything is best in moderation. This fruit is the perfect example of too much of a good thing. Its devasting sweetness is like an act of violence on the palate, scouring all with succulence..."

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