Cave of Pain

Cave of Pain
Cave of Pain Screenshot.png
Challenge Number 27
Number of Sublevels 1
Number of Treasures 9 (includes duplicates)
Total Treasure Value 955 Pokos
Hazards None
Sprays 1 - 1
Pikmin 50 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0

The 27th challenge mode level has lots of surprises in store. Although it may seem peaceful at first, Bomb-rocks, falling boulders and enemies litter this level.



[edit] Sublevels

[edit] Sublevel 1

File:Cave of Pain Sublevel 1.jpg
Sublevel 1 (Actual sublevel layout may differ slightly as it is randomized each time you enter the sublevel)

Time: 160 seconds

Terrain: Snow

Description: At first, this challenge mode level may seem empty. However, as soon as you advance forward Bomb-rocks, Volatile Dweevils, and falling boulders will imprison you. There is also 2 adult bulborbs, the Fiery Bulblax and Snow Bulborb that fall from the sky to. The Key should be found up on a high ledge.

Try to leer the Snow Bulborb into a Bomb-rock, and use the Ultra-bitter spray on the Fiery Bulblax. When carring treasures back, Anode Dweevils will appear, stopping you.

Total Collected Treasure Value: 955 Pokos

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