Burrowing Snarrow

The Burrowing Snarrow is a creature mentioned in both Pikmin games, but is not seen, but may be an enemy or Boss for Pikmin 3. It is thought that the Burrowing Snarrow evolves into a Burrowing Snagret, much like Bulborb Larve.

The two mentions include in the Credit Reel of Pikmin 1;

  • "The bluish hue of its feathers distinguishes it from the burrowing snarrow." -Burrowing Snagret Notes

And also in Olimar's Notes (Pikmin 2) of the Burrowing Snagret;

  • "Visually resembling the burrowing snagret is the Burrowing Snarrow, the range of which partially overlaps with the snagret's range." -Burrowing Snagret snippet from Olimar's Notes.

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