Breadbug Family

The Breadbug Family consists of 5 species, all of which are either weak or harmless to you and your Pikmin. Because of this, three members of this family have actually evolved to mimic the larger and more intimidating Bulborbs. The genus of this family is "Pansarus".

[edit] Dwarf Red Bulborb

Pansarus pseudoculii russus

This species of breadbug mimics the appearance and behavior of the larger Red Bulborb (part of the Grub-dog Family) to avoid predation.

[edit] Snow Bulborb

Snow Bulborb.jpg

Pansarus pseudoculii frosticus

Like the Dwarf Red Bulborb, this species also mimics a type of bulborb, the Hairy Bulborb. However, it is not a perfect disguise for them as they are not able to grow the same amount of hair.

[edit] Dwarf Orange Bulborb

Pansarus pseudoculii orangium

This species is another bulborb imposter, this time mimicking the vicious Orange Bulborb.

[edit] Breadbug


Pansarus gluttonae

This species is generally harmless and spends most of its time hobbling around in Caves looking for food to bring back to its den.

[edit] Giant Breadbug

Giant Breadbug.jpg

Pansarus gigantis

This humongous creature is basically a larger version of the regular Breadbug. It is the Boss of the Glutton's Kitchen cave.

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