Valley of Repose

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A map of the Valley of Repose as seen in the in-game map.
An overhead view of a bit of the Valley of Repose as Olimar rides in at the beginning of the game.

The Valley of Repose is the first area encountered in Pikmin 2. When arriving on the Pikmin Planet in the beginning of the game, the ship hits a tree branch and Louie is thrown from the cockpit. Upon landing, the ship tells Olimar that a crash landing was barely averted. He then establishes a communications link with Louie and tells him to make his way to where Olimar and the ship are. On the way, Louie stumbles upon a Red Onion and a lone Red Pikmin seed. Despite his initial fears, he learns how to work with the Pikmin and he uses them to reunite with Olimar. They then find their first piece of Treasure, the Courage Reactor, which is actually a Duracell D battery. The next day, they explore a bit more of the frozen wasteland, and delve into their first cave, Emergence Cave, where Purple Pikmin are first discovered.

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