Pikmin 2 Boss List

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This page lists all bosses in Pikmin 2, and a paragraph of information about them.

Empress Bulblax

Empress Bulblax is probably the first boss you will encounter in Pikmin 2. She is probably related to Emperor Bulblax, due to being "Empress" and "Emperor". She is obese, with a red-pink skin color and white spots. To defeat, Pikmin need to be thrown onto her head. Wait until she rolls, then repeat. In the later caves, she has offspring repeatedly spawning from hear rear end called Bulborb Larva. She is usually asleep when Olimar lands in the floor.

Caves found in

Burrowing Snagret

The Burrowing Snagret is probably the most common boss in Pikmin 2. You find it in many caves and twice overground. He is fought in the cave White Flower Garden first, then seen in other caves including challenge mode. He is blue with a strange scaly patten, with an orange beak and white head. To defeat, Pikmin must be thrown on the creature's head.

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Beady Long Legs

The infamous Beady Long Legs
Beady Long Legs is another boss, and appears in both Pikmin games in the series. When found, he swoops down from the sky, and stomps his long legs. The point to attack is the round torso in-between the legs, avoiding these legs as they crush and kill Pikmin. He appears to be a Yellow-y color and crumbles to dust when killed, leaving nothing but the items he drops out of his Torso.

This creature also appears in the Perplexing Pool past day thirty. Once a Pikmin or captain steps on the circle at the bottom of the landing site, it will drop down. When killed it releases many Pellets.

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Giant Breadbug

The giant breadbug is yet another boss in Pikmin 2. However, because of several things including different music and unable to hurt (most of the time) Pikmin some people wouldn't classify this species as a boss. However because the Piklopedia lists it with the other bosses it does count as a boss. It is brown, like a loaf of bread, and also the right shape. To defeat the creature must be dragged to The Ship twice or have a dozen Purple Pikmin thrown on him.

He is a close relative of the Breadbug, as seen when he and two other Breadbugs were stealing items on the final floor of Glutton's Kitchen.

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  • None

Emperor Bulblax

Emperor Bulblax is the final boss of Pikmin, and reappears in Pikmin 2 not as the final boss, but as a more common boss. The Emperor Bulblaxes have much less health in this game, and lose their high-jumping ability that they had in Pikmin 1 when half their heath had gone. That doesn't mean that they aren't tough, however. To kill them Purple Pikmin need to be lobbed onto their face. It is best to aim in between the eyes in the ground before they pop up, and keep throwing until the beast is dead.

Bomb-rocks can still be used to kill these creatures, but you must take the Bulblax to the bomb-rock so it can eat it as Yellow Pikmin can no longer pick them up.

Caves found in

Areas found in

  • None

Pileated Snagret

The Pileated Snagret is the largest species of snagret. It is found on the final floor of the cave "Snagret Hole". Unlike the burrowing snagret, it has the ability to walk (hop) above ground. It has one large foot. The easiest and quickest way to kill it is to throw yellow pikmin at its face.


The Waterwraith(a.k.a Mr Steamroller Monster) appears in the Submerged Castle. It drops down near the ship after 5 minutes on floors 2-4 and is invincible plus he is able to instant kill to pikmin. You will need to purple pikmin to beat him by purple candypop buds on sublevel 5.You get the Professional Noisemaker (a.k.a megatweeter)for beating him.In challenge mode you fight 2 waterwraiths which appear after 2 minutes so set the stage and you have 25 purples for the two of them.

Submerged Castle floor 2-4 after 5 minutes.Real battle on floor 5

Ranging Bloyster


this aracanorb is found on the final floor of the subterranen complex the hole of heros and the secret testing range.

Raging Long Legs

Segmented Crawbster

Titan Dweevil

The Titan Dweevil is the final boss of the game and the toughest, found on the 14th and final floor of the Dream Den. It attacks using multiple weapons of the Fire, Electric, Water, and Poisonous elements.

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