Pikmin (Species)

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Pikmin are small creatures that were named for their striking resemblance to Pikpik Carrots. Strangely, they have both animal and plant-like qualities. They are mobile like animals, yet grow single leaves on their heads to provide nourishment for the whole pikmin. These leaves will gradually transform into buds and eventually bloom into flowers if they are left in the ground. They will also bloom instantaneously if they ingest Honeywisp nectar.

In order to reproduce, the pikmin swarm enemies in large numbers in order to kill them. They then carry the corpses back to their Onions, which absorb their nutrients and pop out more pikmin seeds.

Pikmin are known to attack enemies on sight. For some reason though, they do not attack Captain Olimar, Louie, or The President. On the contrary, they gladly submit to their instructions, as if they were happy with not having to think for themselves. Because they don't appear to thrive when not given instruction, how the pikmin have survived without Olimar is a mystery.

Known Species

Each color/species has different physical and aesthetic attributes which make them unique.


These pikmin are flame resistant and have a slightly higher attack than the other pikmin (excluding purples).


These pikmin can be thrown the highest and farthest of all of the pikmin. In the first Pikmin, they could also hold Bomb Rocks. In Pikmin 2, they are resistant to electricity.


These pikmin are able to survive in water.


These pikmin were discovered in Pikmin 2, and are both 10 times heavier and stronger than all other pikmin, but unfortunately are also a lot slower. They do not have an Onion, so the only way to create more of them is by tossing existing pikmin into Violet Candypop Buds. They are stored inside the the ship's cargo hold when they are not in the field. When thrown, they do not fly very high, but they do inflict massive damage on enemies.


These pikmin were also discovered in Pikmin 2. They are small, fast, and resistant to poison. Like purple pikmin, they do not have an onion, so they can only be produced by tossing existing pikmin into Ivory Candypop Buds. If they are swallowed by an enemy, the creature will usually die of poisoning immediately afterward. They use their large eyes to scope treasure that is underground, which they then proceed to dig up.


These are actually Bulborbs that act as the host for a type of parasitic pikmin. The large ones exhibit the same behavior as normal Bulborbs, but young Bulbmin can be controlled by Olimar just like normal pikmin and have resistance to all elements.

Mushroom Pikmin

These pikmin are the result of any type of pikmin being exposed to a Puffstool's spores. They will turn a dark purple color and their leaves will change into mushrooms. They follow the Puffstool around as if he was Olimar. When you disturb them, they will attack both Olimar and the regular pikmin, causing both pikmin to die. Sometimes, calling mushroom pikmin with your whistle will change them back to normal, or if they are left alone, they will eventually either revert back or die.

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