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Number of Pikmin Seeds Received Based on Onion/Pellet Color Matching
Same Color Different Color
"1" Pellet 2 1
"5" Pellet 5 3
"10" Pellet 10 5
"20" Pellet 20 10

Pellets are tablets of concentrated nutrients that are ideal for producing Pikmin. They appear in both Pikmin and Pikmin 2, and are very common. They are most often found on Pellet Posies, which can be attacked to retrieve the pellet. This can then be carried by 1 or 2 Pikmin to an Onion. Pellets can also be found laying about the landscape, or they may appear after defeating an enemy.

Two Pikmin carrying a "1" pellet.

All pellets have numbers on either side, which correspond with the number of Pikmin needed to carry it. They also come in 3 colors: red, yellow, and blue. You will receive more Pikmin Seeds from an onion if it matches the color of the pellet. For example, taking a yellow pellet to a yellow onion would give you more Pikmin than if you took it to a blue onion. Remember that Pikmin will carry food to their own color of onion, so if you have 3 blue Pikmin and 2 red Pikmin carrying something, they will bring it to the blue onion.

[edit] Pellet Types

A "10" pellet found at The Impact Site in Pikmin.
A "20" Pellet found at The Impact Site in Pikmin.

There are four different types of pellets, the "1", the "5", the "10", and the "20".

[edit] "1" Pellet

Can be found on Pellet Posies everywhere, and so is the most common pellet. Up to two Pikmin can carry it. In the first Pikmin, these are the only ones that can be found on Pellet Posies. Bosses (such as Beady Long Legs) and mini-bosses (such as the Goolix) usually drop large amounts of these when defeated. Normal enemies may occasionally drop one or two.

[edit] "5" Pellet

A little rarer. Up to 10 Pikmin can carry these at a time. They are often dropped by Yellow Wollywogs, Burrowing Snagrets, and other medium-difficulty enemies. In Pikmin 2, you can find them at the Valley of Repose.

[edit] "10" Pellet

Rare, but a few "10" Pellet Posies can be found together in the northwest corner of the Awakening Wood. There are also some scattered about the Valley of Repose. When you first visit The Forest of Hope, one can be found out in the open. "10" pellets are usually found in high-up places, or places being guarded by enemies. Up to 20 Pikmin can carry these at a time. These are rarely dropped by enemies; in Pikmin 2 the Toady Bloyster drops one or two.

[edit] "20" Pellet

Extremely rare, but a "20" Pellet Posy can be found in the northwest corner of the Awakening Wood, up on a ledge. There is also a "20" pellet on a high ledge in The Forest of Hope, just past the stone wall near the Dolphin. Up to 50 Pikmin can carry these at a time. "20" pellets are usually found in high-up places, or places being guarded by enemies. These are not dropped by enemies.

Pellets Trophy.jpg

[edit] Super Smash Bros. Brawl Trophy

In the game Super Smash Bros. Brawl, there is a small trophy that describes the pellets. It says:

"Items that contain concentrated essence of the Pikmin's home world. This essence is the keystone to all life on the planet. Harvested from pellet grass or flowers, Pikmin can take pellets back to Onions to produce more Pikmin. If the Onion and the pellet are the same color, it produces more Pikmin. The number on the top of a pellet tells how many Pikmin must carry it."

The pellet flowers it refers to are obviously Pellet Posies, however, the "pellet grass" it refers to does not exist and may be a hint to a new feature in Pikmin 3.

A "5" Pellet found at The Impact Site in Pikmin.

[edit] Glitches

  • If two Pikmin attack the base of a Pellet Posy and one Pikmin is thrown onto the flower part, there is a very small chance that all 3 Pikmin will carry the Pellet, instead of the maximum of 2.
  • Sometimes, it is possible to knock a large pellet on its side by having your Pikmin carry it off of a small cliff. Some of the Pikmin that are carrying it will actually be standing in mid-air. Calling them back should fix the problem. This can also happen with other similarly shaped Treasures or Ship Parts.

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