Yellow Pikmin

Yellow Pikmin
Color Yellow
Resistance Electricity
Attack Average
Speed Average
Throw Above Avarage
Carrying Capacity 1
Candypop Bud Golden Candypop Bud

Yellow Pikmin have large, distinguishing ears and are very light. This allows them to be thrown higher than the other Pikmin, making them useful for collecting objects that are on high ledges or for attacking elevated enemies such as the Beady Long Legs or the Titan Dweevil. Their specific abilities vary depending on the game.

The Yellow Pikmin are found in The Forest of Hope and are the second type discovered. They have the ability to lift and carry dangerous Bomb-rocks which are needed to destroy Stone Walls. To make your Pikmin pick up a bomb-rock, use the C-stick or dismiss them near a cluster of the explosive stones. You can them call them back and take them wherever you want. If you dismiss your Pikmin, Pikmin holding bomb-rocks will be separated from the empty-handed yellow Pikmin. When you toss a yellow Pikmin holding a bomb-rock near a stone wall, it will automatically drop the bomb-rock and run back. When you toss one near anything else, such as an enemy, it will stand idle until you call it back with your Whistle, which will cause it to drop the bomb and run to your side. If you want to call them back without having them drop their load, you must bump into them to get their attention. Calling them back with the whistle after dismissing them will not cause them to drop their bombs.

In Pikmin 2, the Yellow Pikmin can be located at the Perplexing Pool, on the stump that the Armored Cannon Beetle once inhabited back when the Area was called The Distant Spring in the first game. The yellow Pikmin are guarded by a poisonous Gate, so White Pikmin are necessary to break it down and gain access to the yellow Pikmin's hideout. They are the fourth type of Pikmin found. Instead of being able to carry bomb-rocks like in the original game, yellow Pikmin are resistant to electricity and are therefore necessary for destroying electrified gates and Electrical Nodes. They are also handy for taking out Anode Dweevils and Anode Beetles. The reason why they can no longer carry bomb-rocks is because their size was increased and are therefore too heavy to be lifted by single Pikmin.

[edit] Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Although not part of the Pikmin series, Yellow Pikmin are found in this game along with the other 4 types, all of which are controlled by Captain Olimar. Just like in the Pikmin series, yellow Pikmin are the lightest and can be thrown the highest. It's attacks are also imbued with electricity. For more information, see here.

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