White Goodness

White Goodness
Treasure Number 38
Series Sweet Tooth Series
Location Glutton's Kitchen (Sublevel 4)
Treasure Value 60
Weight 8
Max. Carriers 16

The White Goodness is a white chocolate truffle that is found on the fourth sublevel of the Glutton's Kitchen in Pikmin 2. Sometimes located on the ledge, the Breadbugs try to swindle it from the Pikmin's grasp.

[edit] Notes

[edit] Olimar's Journal

"What a momentous discovery!! I found an amazing cavern that burrows deep below the Perplexing Pool. The ground was littered with enticing snacks! I've named this scrumptious cavern the Glutton's Kitchen. It was obviously once a shrine to the culinary gods."

[edit] Sales Pitch

"No dreams? Take love. No love? Take sweets! This is the most potent item in the sweet tooth series."

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