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The part of the items screen (accessible with the START/PAUSE button) which shows the number of sprays and berries you have collected.

A spray is a liquid in Pikmin 2 created from Berries that have been brought to The Ship. These can be either Ultra-spicy Berries or Ultra-bitter Berries, but there must be 10 of them, with the exception being the first time you bring the berries to the ship, when you only need 2. They will produce Ultra-spicy Spray and Ultra-bitter Spray, respectively. To use a spray, press up or down on the D-pad (up for Ultra-bitter Spray, and down for Ultra-spicy Spray). Sprays can also be collected from Unmarked Spectralids and Mitites, and occasionally Eggs, instead of Nectar. They will appear as red or purple drops the same size and shape as nectar drops. To collect them, simply walk up to them. You will start absorbing them on contact. However, if you are attacked by an enemy during this process, you will not absorb the spray and it will be lost. There is glitch that can be performed which allows a spray to be absorbed twice though, which can be very useful because making sprays from berries is somewhat time-consuming.

[edit] Ultra Bitter Spray

The Ultra-Bitter Spray is a fictional item from the Pikmin Universe. By Collecting 10 Ultra-Bitter Berries from a Burgeoning Spiderwort, the ship will make one dose of the spray. You can also find doeses of this in Eggs or enemies like the Iridecent Glint Beetle. Doodlebugs and Unmarked Spectralids also drop these, as well as the Secret Bugs of Wistful Wild. Defeating a petrified enemy has a small chance a dose of this will be dropped as well.

[edit] Ultra Spicy Spray

The Ultra-Spicy Spray, once used, temporarily increases the Pikmin's attack and speed to staggering heights, letting them make short work of any obstacles or enemies in their path. It is first obtained when 10 red berries are taken to the ship, and can be made again for every 10 further berries.

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