Titan Dweevil

Titan Dweevil
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The titan dweevil with nothing attached.
Species Number 81
Scientific Name Mandarachnia gargantium
Family Dweevil
Treasure Value N/A
Common Location(s) Dream Den (sublevel 14)
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The Titan Dweevil is the final boss of Pikmin 2 and is one of, if not the largest creature in the series. It is only found on the final sublevel of the Dream Den, sublevel 14. As a member of the Dweevil family, it likes to attach random objects to itself. The titan dweevil has four large and very powerful weapons attacked to its sides. They include the Flare Cannon, the Shock Therapist, the Monster Pump, and the Comedy Bomb, each representing one of the four Hazards of fire, electricity, water and poison respectively. These objects become treasures that can be taken back to the ship's research pod. They are each worth 1000 Pokos.

After Louie is accidentally forgotten on the Pikmin Planet [Watch Video], he somehow finds his way to the bottom of the Dream Den and onto the top of the titan dweevil. Miraculously, he is found unharmed, probably due to his deep connection and background with insects. When you attempt to rescue him however, the titan dweevil awakens and begins to attack. Once he is defeated, Louie is still unconscious and must be transported back to the ship's research pod by at least 1 Pikmin. Due to the lack of cockpit space, he is stored in the storage hull. He is then given the honorary title "King of Bugs", and priced at only 10 Pokos.

[edit] How to Defeat

You will need at the very least 30 Pikmin. The titan dweevil's four attacks include spinning a flamethrower, scattering electrodes that are connected by streams of electricity, firing large bubbles of water, and spraying trails of poisonous gases. Each type of Pikmin, other than Purple, is resistant to one of these attacks. All of the attacks but the electricity one only cover your Pikmin's head with the hazard, and so can recover when they are whistled to. The electricity attack will kill your Pikmin instantaneously though, so it is a good idea to use only Yellow Pikmin, because they are resistant to electricity. Another reason to only use them is because they can be thrown higher, so it is easier to attack the various weapons. Once you arrive on the 14th sublevel of the Dream Den, call all of the yellow Pikmin to Olimar, and the rest of them to The President. The President's group can either stay by the ship, or it can be moved to the tunnel where the exit geyser is to protect against the water attack, which has a very long range. With the Olimar group, approach the titan dweevil and start throwing them up onto one of the weapons. Attack the Monster Pump first, so that The President's group does not get hit and drown. When the titan dweevil does use the Monster Pump, switch to the control of the President to call back any Pikmin that may be drowning. When the titan dweevil starts to attack, call back your Pikmin and retreat to safety. The legs cannot hurt your Pikmin, so don't worry about that. Once it is done, continue attacking and following this method until all weapons have been detached. If it uses the electricity attack, you may continue to attack with the yellow Pikmin unhindered. Attack the Shock Therapist last, as it does not hurt you or your Pikmin. Once all weapons are gone, its body will become vulnerable to attack. You may use any kind of Pikmin you want for the final attack. Once defeated, the titan dweevil will disintegrate, leaving only the 4 weapons and Louie, the King of Bugs.

An alternate method is switching groups of Pikmin so that you can attack at all times (meaning you would switch to a group of White Pikmin when the titan dweevil uses the Comedy Bomb, etc.). However, this can be time consuming and dangerous. You must also note that even if you have the Scorch Guard suit upgrade, you will still become incapacitated if you are hit by the Flare Cannon, due to the power of the blast. The same goes for the Shock Therapist.

[edit] Notes

[edit] Olimar's Notes

The largest member of the dweevil family, this fearsome predator carries protective components that frequently exhibit offensive capabilities, and evolution that may be attributed to mere chance. Another theory is that the chemical contents of the containers carried by titan dweevils contribute to possible gene splicing. While other dweevils do not seem to choose the objects they carry, the titan dweevil appears to prefer shiny objects above all others.

[edit] Louie's Notes

Eaten raw, this predator's luxurious legs are bold and full flavored. What a satisfying crunch!

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