Copy and paste the following when creating a species page, and then fill in the missing or capitalized information (excluding {{PAGENAME}}). Some important things to note first:

  • If you see an older version of this template on another species page, please update it with the current one.
  • If you do not know something, leave it blank. Do not delete it or fill it with something else.
  • If the family is described by the game as unknown, put "[[Unknown]]". However, if you just do not know its family, leave blank.
  • If the species does not exist in Pikmin 1, then remove the Credit Reel Notes section.
  • If the species does not exist in Pikmin 2, then remove the Olimar's Notes and Louie's Notes sections, put "None" for the Caves section, and put "N/A" for the Treasure Value section.
  • If it is only found underground, then put "None" for the Areas and Seeds Given sections.
  • If it is only found above ground, then put "None" for the Caves section and "N/A" for the Treasure Value section.
  • If it is found in more than 1 game, add another game category next to the existing one.
  • If the species is a boss, add "|Bosses" to the category list at the top.
  • Change the image's file type or name if necessary. If the 300 pixel width attribute stretches the image too much, lower or remove it. The image caption is optional.
{{Cat|GAME|Species|BLANK Family}}__NOTOC__

|title = {{PAGENAME}}
|image = [[Image:SPECIES NAME.jpg|300px]]
|imagecaption = 

|label1 = [[Piklopedia]] Number
|data1 = 
|label2 = Scientific Name
|data2 = ''BLANK''
|label3 = [[Family]]
|data3 = [[BLANK Family]]
|label4 = Seeds Given
|data4 = 
|label5 = [[Treasure]] Value
|data5 = X [[Poko]]s
|label6 = Weight
|data6 = 
|label7 = Max. Carriers
|data7 = X [[Pikmin (Species)|Pikmin]]
|label8 = [[Area]]s
|data8 = 
|label9 = [[Cave]]s
|data9 = 

Species description.

== Notes ==
=== [[Olimar's Notes]] ===
''"Exact quote of Olimar's notes here."''

=== [[Louie's Notes]] ===
''"Exact quote of Louie's notes here."''

=== [[Credit Reel Notes]] ===
''"Exact quote of the notes that appear at the end of Pikmin 1."''

== Related Pages ==
*[[Similar species or other related page here]]

{{Species Links}}