Submerged Castle

Submerged Castle
Submerged Castle Map.png
Location Perplexing Pool
Number of Sublevels 5
Number of Treasures 13
Total Treasure Value X Pokos
Hazards Fire, Water, Electricity, Poison
Boss Waterwraith
Submerged Castle.png

The Submerged Castle is likely your last and worst cave in your exploration of the Perplexing Pool. It contains 13 treasures, an unlucky number, 5 sublevels and a boss that appears on each floor.

You can only take Blue Pikmin into the cave with you, due to the cave being in water. Even if you did find a way to get Pikmin in your party that aren't blues, the game will not count them upon entering.

[edit] Ship's Notes

"Interesting! Deeper sections of this hole seem to be submerged in liquid... Sadly, I am a delicate piece of machinery that is sensitive to water. You two must go alone. ...Why do you look at me with such scornful expressions? ...I am an expensive machine! ...Fine. I'll go. But this wantonly reckless treatment of company property will be reported!"



[edit] Sublevels

On each of these sublevels, you will encounter the boss: the Waterwraith. He takes exactly five minutes to appear on every floor, so here are some tips:

  • Try and collect treasures, and then if you have time, kill enemies.
  • Dweevils on the second floor can pick up sleeping captains if you want your Pikmin to pass through without the dweevils picking them up.
  • There is no way you can harm the Waterwraith before sublevel 5. You can, however, petrify it to freeze it, allowing Pikmin to pass.
  • The waterwraith won't go into corners
  • Each sublevel (except first, and last) has a seal on the hole. Find this and break it before collecting treasures; this way if the Waterwraith appears you can make a dash for the exit.

[edit] Sublevel 1

Sublevel 1 (Actual sublevel layout may differ slightly as it is randomized each time you enter the sublevel)

Terrain: Dirt

Description: The first sublevel is not too pleasing. If you couldn't tell, there is a lot of fire, such as fire geysers. The fiery blowhogs need to be killed, and the Fiery Bulblax has a treasure, Bug Bait. The other two treasures are out in the open. If you want to escape, use the geyser, else continue down to the next floor.


Total Treasure Value on Floor: 75 Pokos

[edit] Sublevel 2

Sublevel 2

Terrain: Dirt / Sand

Description: On this floor, bring a stopwatch with you so that you know when five minutes is approaching. Usually, you would want to move when you get down here, as Bulbmin may be near by. The mother has 10 youths with her maximum.

The three treasures are found in various places throughout the level. The first, the Chocolate Cushion, is found in the area usually regarded by a Black gate. In here is a lot of water, and a "mountain" to your left. Alongside Fiery Dweevils in the pipe area, a Careening Dirigibug is found in the same place, so watch out! You will find the Chocolate Cushion at the very back of this section. To locate it, climb the hill and go through the pipe until you see it.

When you defeat the Bulbmin, it drops another treasure: the Comfort Cookie. The final treasure, the Confection Hoop, will be near the hole with a seal on. To nab it, walk over to the ledge near the hole and throw Pikmin at it. Be careful of the Dwarf Orange Bulborb on the ledge as well.


Total Treasure Value on Floor: 110 Pokos

[edit] Sublevel 3

Sublevel 3

Terrain: Sand

Description: This sublevel is all about Electricity. It has Anode Beetles, Electric Nodes and some non-electrical creatures, such as the Wollywog. The Withering Blowhog has the first treasure, the Activity Arouser.

The other two treasures are out in the open. Search for them, killing enemies on the way. Bulbmin are found on this sublevel again, so you can use them to destroy electric nodes.

An Ivory Candypop Bud and some Eggs are all found in alcoves, so destroy gates if you have time. More Withering Blowhogs also appear in the same place.


Total Treasure Value on Floor: 160 Pokos

[edit] Sublevel 4

Sublevel 4

Terrain: Dirt

Description: Two Bulbmin reside on this level, each giving up to ten Pikmin. However, you should watch your step, as Bomb-rocks and Volatile Dweevils will fall everywhere in numbers to high to count. The treasures are found in different places, but two of them are out in the open. These are the Drone Supplies and the AA battery (Proton AA). The could be behind gates, but so could bomb-rocks, Volatile Dweevils and eggs.

The other treasure is inside a Iridescent Glint Beetle. Search for it and throw Pikmin ontop for it to release its treasure. If you revisit this cave, it will drop Nectar, then an Ultra spicy spray, and then another spicy spray. There are also numerous Careening Dirigibugs to.


Total Treasure Value on Floor: 245 Pokos

[edit] Sublevel 5

Sublevel 5

Terrain: Sand

Description: The final floor has the final battle on it. The Waterwraith. Before you approach the arena, knock down the gates and get some Purple Pikmin, the only type that can harm the boss. There is also some eggs. Approach the middle of the big arena to activate the boss, and he will start to battle you. Throw purple Pikmin on him to turn it solid, then you can hurt him. Watch out for the rollers though! When killed, you'll get the Professional Noisemaker, which gives your whistle the ability to pluck Pikmin sprouts out the ground!


Total Treasure Value on Floor: 100 Pokos

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