Space Float

Space Float
Space Float Concept.jpg
Part Number 14
Location The Forest Navel
Weight 20
Max. Carriers 40 Pikmin
Required Part? No
Once the Breadbug is defeated, the Space Float is revealed.

The Space Float is the 14th Ship Part in Pikmin. It can be found inside a Breadbug wandering around between the Landing Site and the terraced pools in The Forest Navel. To retrieve the part, you must defeat the Breadbug by leaving Pellets or enemy carcasses around and waiting for it to grab them. When it does, have your Pikmin grab them too, and they will drag the breadbug back to an Onion. The stubborn breadbug will get damaged when it hits the top of the onion. Do this twice to kill it and finally expose the Space Float.

[edit] Notes

[edit] When Found

"Thank goodness! My Space Float!

This float is an absolute necessity for any pilot who lacks skill at swimming in space."

[edit] When Obtained

"An excellent swimmer like me has no need for something like this, but my motto is "always be prepared." Really. It's just for emergencies."

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