Segmented Crawbster

Segmented Crabster
Species Number
Scientific Name Parastacoidea reptantia
Family Creep-crab
Seeds Given
Treasure Value 15 Pokos
Min. Carriers 20
Max. Carriers 30
Areas None
Underground Areas Cavern of Chaos

The Segmented Crabster is the boss of the Cavern of Chaos in Pikmin 2. Located on the tenth and final sublevel, it is a crab-like creature with one large arm and one missing arm due to the Emperor Bulblax eating it. The Captains' would of picked up the Mysterious Remains treasure on the previous sublevel. It will roll after the active captain before crashing into a wall and cause boulders to fall from the ceiling. It will struggle to get back to its feet and will expose its weak spot and the chance for the Pikmin to attack and damage it.

[edit] Notes

[edit] Olimar's Notes

"This gigantic beast is wrapped in a hard shell. In an atypical evolution, the right front leg of this creature is hypertrophic, taking on the function of an arm, rather than a leg. Its asymmetric physical development is unique in the natural world. One unlucky explorer's incorrect conclusion that this creature adheres to a pattern of peaceful, quiet behavior led to an unfortunate incident. In fact, this beast exhibits intensely hostile, aggressive tendencies, aiming at prey and ramming them at full speed."

[edit] Louie's Notes

"Dessert meats are all the rage on Hocotate. When the planet's finest chefs hear about the kind of sorbets, pies, and parfaits you can make with the claw meat on this sweet beast, they'll clamor for every morsel we bring home!"

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