Red Bulborb

Red Bulborb
Red bulborb.jpg
Species Number 1
Scientific Name Oculus kageyamii russus
Family Grub-dog
Value 7
Common Location Everywhere
Red Bulborb Eat.jpg

This is the most common type of Bulborb. Like other large bulborbs, it sleeps during the day and won't awaken unless disturbed. They are defeated most easily by sneaking up behind them and rapidly throwing Pikmin onto their backs before they can respond fast enough to counterattack. If you defeat one while a Pikmin is in its mouth, the Pikmin will be released. Dwarf Red Bulborbs imitate red bulborbs to avoid predation.


[edit] Notes

[edit] Olimar's Notes

This large organism has the familiar mandibles and cranial morphology of the grub-dog family, as well as the characteristic bulging eyes. As with most grub-dogs, the creature's cranium comprises half of its total length and girth. Showing a scarlet abdomen with white spots, this creature is primarily nocturnal, choosing to prey upon smaller creatures returning to their nests. Originally classified as the spotty bulborb, further research has reclassified this species as the red bulborb. Subspecies of varied colors have recently been discovered, but academics are divided into two rival camps over how to handle their classification.

[edit] Louie's Notes

Plump specimens are best spit-roasted whole, stuffed with a lime and a slab of bacon. Baste frequently to ensure a magnificently moist haunch.

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