Prototype Detector

Prototype Detector
Prototype Detector.jpg
Treasure Number 186
Series Explorer's Friend Series
Location Hole of Beasts (sublevel 5)
Treasure Value 200
Weight 35
Max. Carriers
Prototype Detector Close.jpg

This handy contraption appears to be a "Love Tester", but it apparently reacts to treasure too. Once acquired from the belly of Empress Bulblax in the Hole of Beasts, it is added to your Exploration Kit as the Treasure Gauge.

[edit] Notes

[edit] Olimar's Journal

"Today we searched a subterranean lair swarming with carnivorous bugs. The name Hole of Beasts came to mind. The convenient contraption I found there has become an invaluable treasure-seeking too. When it approaches a piece of treasure, the gadget beeps and the needle moves to the right. When all of the treasure in an area has been collected, the device powers down. When we left Hocotate, I thought we'd never be able to pay off the company's debt. But thanks to this gadget, I'm feeling optimistic about the outcome of the daring mission."

[edit] Sales Pitch

"Is this a miracle gadget born of universal desire, or a machine manufactured by the master of Dimension X? Whatever it is, it reacts to treasure!"

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