Plentiful Tank

Plentiful Tank
Treasure Number 171 (PAL)
Series Massive Receptacle Series
Location Shower Room (Sublevel 6)
Treasure Value 50
Weight 8
Max. Carriers 16

The Plentiful Tank is a honey jar treasure located on the sixth sublevel of the Shower Room. Only available in the PAL version of Pikmin 2, it can be found anywhere on the sublevel. Enemies are often found near it that will need to be taken out so that the Pikmin can safely take it back to the ship.

[edit] Notes

[edit] Olimar's Journal

"The scale of objects found on this planet is overwhelming. I am sheer drowned in it! What instead of for the company, I brought this back for my family, that would buy us soo much food.

'...Oh, I shouldn't really think about it."

[edit] Sales Pitch

"Super mega size!!! The large volume is overwhelming, tempting, a really massive food tank!"

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