Pikmin (SSB series)

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Captain Olimar is one of the 35 playable characters. In the game, he is able to pluck Pikmin from the ground as his standard special move for use in damaging and ultimately defeating opponents in battle. Like the Pikmin series, each of the five Pikmin have their own appearance, traits, power, and range. Because nearly all of his attacks rely on the use of the Pikmin, they play a very important role in his character, just as they do in the Pikmin series. They are fragile though, and will die if tossed off the edge, attacked sufficiently, or kept away from Olimar for after a short while.

When the Pikmin are picked by Olimar, they all start out with leaves on their head. Unlike the Pikmin series though, the Pikmin will gradually transform into bud and flower Pikmin over time (transformations happen every 20 seconds). In the actual Pikmin series, Pikmin will only do this while still in the ground, and the only way to get plucked Pikmin to bloom is by feeding them Nectar. The benefits of holding onto your Pikmin enough for them to bud or bloom include:

  • Extra durability
  • Stronger knockback
  • Slightly higher damage output

[edit] Pikmin Descriptions

Red Pikmin Trophy
Yellow Pikmin Trophy
Blue Pikmin Trophy
White Pikmin Trophy
Purple Pikmin Trophy

Each of the five Pikmin have their own characteristics that affect each battle. Know the strengths and weaknesses of each Pikmin and use them to your advantage. When you pluck Pikmin, the types appear randomly, however, the chances of getting certain Pikmin changes depending on the Stage. Olimar's Down Special move will reorder the Pikmin behind him from closest to farthest: Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Purple. For more information, see the Captain Olimar page on the Super Smash Bros. Neowiki.

[edit] Red Pikmin

"A type of Pikmin--which are odd beings who grow like plants yet are as mobile as animals. Red ones are heat and fire resistant and are strong attackers, which makes them valuable when facing dangerous foes. Purple Pikmin are also tough fighters, but since it's difficult to increase their numbers, red Pikmin are easier to manage. Red Pikmin have distinct pointed noses."

The Red Pikmin's main difference from all the other Pikmin is its fiery attacks and immunity to flame and explosion-based attacks. It is fairly balanced strength and durability-wise. They are good for aerials and meteor smashes.

[edit] Yellow Pikmin

"A type of Pikmin. Take a nutrient-rich pellet to a flying saucer known as an Onion, and it will produce the mysterious beings known as Pikmin. Yellow ones fly higher than other Pikmin when tossed by Olimar or Louie. Unlike other Pikmin, they're also highly resistant to electricity, which makes them invaluable when battling enemies like anode dweevils."

The Yellow Pikmin's main difference from all the other Pikmin is its electrical attacks and immunity to all other electricity-based attacks. The Yellow Pikmin also has the longest throw range and travels in an arc unlike the other Pikmin. One of the Yellow Pikmin's strongest abilities is its meteor smash, which is better than those of the other Pikmin. They are similar to red Pikmin in terms of strength and durability.

[edit] Blue Pikmin

"A type of Pikmin, which are curious creatures that follow and obey the person who picks them. If you take advantage of this trait, you can get them to help Capt. Olimar and Louie. The blue Pikmin are at home in water and cannot drown. Need to retrieve an object underwater or cross a water hazard to disarm a trap? Blue Pikmin are just the allies you need."

The Blue Pikmin's main difference from all the other Pikmin in the game is its ability to swim and not be affected by water-based attacks such as Mario's FLUDD. Blue Pikmin are also the third strongest when thrown and have the biggest grab range. The Blue Pikmin's durability is only surpassed by that of the purple Pikmin, and it has above average health, allowing it to withstand more attacks before dying.

[edit] White Pikmin

"A type of Pikmin. White Pikmin are resistant to poisons and are themselves toxic to creatures that eat them. Their low weight makes them very speedy, and they can also dig up buried items. White and purple Pikmin do not live inside Onions, so you must change other Pikmin into them by tossing them into Ivory Candypop Buds and Violet Candypop Buds."

The White Pikmin's main difference from all the other Pikmin is its poisonous attacks. It is one of the harder to use Pikmin when fighting. The White Pikmin is very weak when it comes to dealing throw damage, but when latched to an opponent via the Pikmin Throw (Olimar's Side Special move), it does up to three times the normal amount. The White Pikmin is also the fastest of all the Pikmin, but also the least durable.

[edit] Purple Pikmin

"A type of Pikmin, much heavier and slower than other Pikmin. When thrown, they impact with such force that they may kill or stun enemies. They're also incredibly strong--one of them can carry an item that normally would require ten Pikmin. While they're more powerful fighters than their red cousins, their slow speed hampers their effectiveness."

The Purple Pikmin's main difference from all the other Pikmin is that it can not latch onto opponents. Instead of latching, the Pikmin will simply hit the opponent like a high-priority battering item. The Purple Pikmin is definitely the strongest for smashes, and has high vertical knockback ability. Also, because of its weight and size, they are very durable and are good for grabs.

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