Mushroom Pikmin

Mushroom Pikmin
Mushroom pikmin.jpg
Species Number N/A
Scientific Name Unknown
Family Pikmin
Treasure Value N/A
Common Location The Forest Navel, The Distant Spring (Challenge Mode only)

Mushroom Pikmin are normal Pikmin from the first Pikmin that have come in contact with the toxic spores of a Puffstool. They grow mushrooms in place of their leaves/buds/flowers and turn a dark purple color (not to be confused with Purple Pikmin). Once they have been poisoned, they will continue to follow the Puffstool around and attack Olimar if he is nearby. They will also fight regular Pikmin, so it's best to steer clear of these guys. Sometimes, they will revert back to normal if left alone for a while, or if Olimar blows his whistle. Pikmin will also revert back to normal once the Puffstool has been defeated.

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