Piklopedia Number 56
Scientific Name Unknown
Family Unknown Family
Seeds Given 15
Treasure Value 3 Pokos
Weight 8 in Pikmin, 7 in Pikmin 2
Max. Carriers 20 in Pikmin, 15 in Pikmin 2
Areas The Impact Site
Caves Frontier Cavern, Cavern of Chaos, Hole of Heroes, Dream Den

The Mamuta, also known as "The Great Protector" or the "God of All Pikmin", is a bizarre creature found in both Pikmin and Pikmin 2 with tough gray skin, two wide eyes, and clearly asymmetrical shoulders. It has been known to bury and cultivate plants to grow food, and it uses its large, broad arms to smash Pikmin into the ground as if they were seeds. When Pikmin are smashed into the ground, they appear as they did when they were Pikmin Seeds, just ejected from an Onion. They are not injured, and in fact will bloom if they haven't already, but they must be tediously picked if you want your Pikmin back. The Pluckaphone in Pikmin 2 is very useful in this situation. However, the Pilot can also be smashed, and will sustain damage as well as become incapacitated briefly.

[edit] Pikmin

In the first Pikmin, it can only be found at The Impact Site on even numbered days, starting with day 8, or at The Distant Spring in Challenge Mode. The Goolix appears on odd numbered days in the same place, starting with day 9. It is docile and will only attack if it is disturbed, or if any already planted Pikmin are plucked from the ground. Attacking from behind or throwing Pikmin on its back are both good ways to defeat it. Swarming from the front will most likely cause your Pikmin to be pounded into the ground.

[edit] Pikmin 2

In Pikmin 2, they can only be found underground, and are still not very common, only appearing in a few Caves. They do not have as much health, but are more aggressive and will attack anyone in sight. They are defeated easily by a couple of Purple Pikmin, or by swarming them from behind.

[edit] Notes

[edit] Olimar's Notes

"The imbalanced, asymmetrical arms of the mamuta are among its most notable features. Feeding on seeds and fruit, the mamuta is known to sow and grow plant species. While other species have exhibited seed-burying behavior for the purpose of storage, the mamuta is the only species so far known to actually cultivate fields of plants."

[edit] Louie's Notes

"Inedible. Tastes like chicken."

[edit] Credit Reel Notes

"This creature seems fond of flowers, but only for their decorative properties."

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