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Welcome to the Pikmin Neowiki!
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Welcome to the Pikmin Wiki!

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Welcome to the Pikmin series wiki on Neoseeker! This wiki is open to all the members and guests who want to contribute or learn about Pikmin. We need your help to build up lots of in depth and high quality content - let's make this the best source of Pikmin information on the web!

At the moment, we need ALL The help we can getting great information onto the wiki. This will inevitably take a little while, so hold tight and wait for the wiki to fill up, or better yet, help fill it up yourself!

You may log in with your Neoseeker username and password!

Did you know...

...that using the Emergency Cave Round, it is possible to regain the 10,000 Poko dept without reaching the Awakening Wood?

...that when battling some enemies in Pikmin 1, pikmin may die and still be in your Pikmin count?

...that Purple Pikmin, when being saved from water by Blue Pikmin, get thrown much higher than other Pikmin?

...that you can refight the Titan Dweevil without any weapons on by going back to Dream Den after completing it once?

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Lists and guides

What You Can Do

  • Create new pages
  • Add more information to existing pages
  • Contribute quality information (use proper spelling, be descriptive, and DO NOT plagiarize!)
  • Help organize, categorize, and update pages
  • Make use of links and templates
  • Upload lots of images, maps, and videos
  • Create guide and walkthrough-like pages

Where to Start

  • Check out the Main Talk Page to learn about what's going on.
  • Introduce yourselves to the Pikmin Neowiki staff and contributors so you know who to ask if you have questions.
  • New to wiki editing? Look through a guide or two, or ask additional questions in the help forum.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Categories and Templates so we have consistent and organized information.
  • Add some information to the Short Pages and Stubs and fill them up with more info to make them more complete!
  • Help start new pages from the Wanted Pages list, which lists a bunch of pages that have been linked to within the Wiki but have not been created yet.
  • Check out the Long Pages and Spotlighted Pages for some examples of in-depth pages.
  • Upload an image or file here, or many at a time here.
  • Start creating guide and walkthrough pages, and upload videos if you can.
  • Write original content in your own words - DO NOT copy and paste from other sources. Feel free to use other locations as sources of information though as long as you write it using your own words, just like a research paper. References are fine.

Spotlighted Pages

These are some prime examples of the kind of quality we are looking for.

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Pikmin Wiki Stats

As of February 24 2018, this NeoWiki currently has 350 articles and 433 images. Help us make this NeoWiki even better by looking here!

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