Fruit Guard

Fruit Guard
Treasure Number 164 (NTSC)
Series Massive Receptacle Series
Location Cavern of Chaos (Sublevel 8)
Treasure Value 130
Weight 15
Max. Carriers 25

The Fruit Guard is only available in the NTSC version of Pikmin 2. It is found on the eighth sublevel of the Cavern of Chaos in a dead-end and sometimes surrounded by Dwarf Red Bulborbs. It is an aluminum can of a Tree Top brand apple juice.

[edit] Notes

[edit] Olimar's Journal

"Among the treasures we've collected, many of them have strange scrawlings on them. Unfortunately, the alien writings are indecipherable. But the pictures can be understood easily enough. This one seems to have a picture of a fruit on it. Ahhh... If that's the case, then this canister must contain sweet nectar... A quick taste won't hurt..."

[edit] Sales Pitch

"A taste of knowledge from a foreign world, this container holds juices of a primitive fruit! If you are a devotee of genuine taste, you cannot pass this up!"

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