Female Sheargrub

Female Sheargrub
Female Sheargrub.jpg
Species Number 23
Scientific Name Himeagea mandibulosa
Family Mandiblard
Seeds Given 2
Treasure Value 1 Poko
Min. Carriers 1
Max. Carriers 2 in Pikmin, 1 in Pikmin 2
Above-ground Areas Everywhere
Underground Areas (Caves) Everywhere
This page is about the Female Sheargrub. For the page about the males, see Male Sheargrub.

The Female Sheargrub, like other Mandiblards, lives underground, destroys Bridges, and is small and quite easy to defeat. Female Sheargrubs in particular cannot even attack, making it even easier. However, because of their ability to dismantle your bridges, they need to be dealt with quickly (that is, if they are eating a bridge). Normally, they will only start to destroy a bridge a few days after you construct it. You can tell if a nearby bridge is being dismantled by mandiblards by the loud chopping sound they make. If you hurry, you can take them out or scare them away before they are able to do anything. If they have already rolled up your side of the bridge into a pile of wood, toss some Pikmin over the pile to defeat the mandiblards and rebuild the bridge.

Female Sheargrubs and mandiblards in general are very common enemies and usually appear in groups of 3-8. Also, they do not always appear near bridges, but in random patches of dirt and grass. Make sure to clear the path of them before you instruct your Pikmin to carry back any enemies or Treasures, because they can ambush your Pikmin. While the Female Sheargrubs won't really do anything, the Male Sheargrubs and Shearwigs will have their own personal buffet. You'll have time to react though, because they only eat Pikmin one by one, and are quite slow at it too. Pilots cannot be hurt by Sheargrubs.

[edit] Olimar's Notes

The males of this species are purple and black creatures with tapered mouths, while the females are lighter in color and lack an armored exoskeleton. As with most mandiblards, these creatures have regressed to the point where they have lost both legs and wings. They can be seen crawling around on the ground and are believed to feed on the vegetable extracts from the congealed fluids of expired Pikmin.

[edit] Louie's Notes

For an unforgettable quiche, slice this creature up and mix with four eggs, two vine-ripened tomatoes, diced zucchini, and generous handfuls of feta and swiss. Bake until crusty and golden. This beast is most flavorful if caught and cooked just after laying its eggs.

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