Dwarf Red Bulborb

Dwarf Red Bulborb
Species Number 4
Scientific Name Pansarus psuedoculli russus
Family Breadbug
Value 2
Common Location Everywhere

These creatures imitate the appearance of the Red Bulborb in order to deter potential predators. They are not nocturnal like bulborbs, but still will only attack if you get close. They tend to graze in groups. They can easily be defeated in one hit by throwing a Pikmin right on top of their heads. Throw many at once to increase your chances of a hit, and keep some other Pikmin nearby in case you miss entirely and need to swarm the bulborb to save the thrown Pikmin from being eaten. If you defeat one while a Pikmin is in its mouth, the Pikmin will be released.

[edit] Olimar's Notes

Although initially identified as a juvenile red bulborb, groundbreaking new research indicates that this creature is in fact a member of the breadbug family. A close relative of the vanilla breadbug, it escapes predation through mimicry. Unique adaptation of the red bulborb's crimson coloration allows the species to safely commingle. Such effective adaptation and obfuscation by a prey species is rare, indicating this clever creature is a master of mimicry.

[edit] Louie's Notes

For a blissful bisque, mince this entire beast finely and stir in with heavy cream, artichoke hearts, and a pinch of black pepper. Heat slowly until piping hot. Mmmmm... Rich and creamy!

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